# About Me

I'm an artist who doesn't believe that the different art forms should be placed in separate drawers. My research involves various forms of expression and apprehension and how to entangle them all poetically. I use sensors, cameras, ordinary everyday objects, garbage, cables, radio modules, prototyping boards and computers running open source software. In Berlin, I was a guest student from 2014 to 2017 at the course Generative Art / Computational Art in the UdK. I still collaborate with artists there, but I'm living in São Paulo, my hometown. I have been been making visuals and music for performances, and performing myself alone and alongside with the collective Society for Non Trivial Pursuits, or S4NTP.

I don't believe that the different art forms should be put in separate drawers. My research involves various forms of expression and ways of entangle them to bring out new and open meanings. In my work I use sensors, cameras, common everyday objects, garbage, cables, radio modules, microcontrollers and computers with open source and free software.

Between 2014 and 2017, in Berlin / Germany, I was a guest student on the Generative Art / Computational Art course at UdK (University of the Arts). I collaborate with artists from there and elsewhere, from São Paulo. I produce images and music for solo and collaborative presentations, such as for the Society for Non-Trivial Pursuits (S4NTP) and the artist Ieltxu Ortueta.

From 1997 to 2011 I worked as webmaster, animator, and graphic designer in magazines, design studios, communication and advertising studios, such as MTV Brasil, Rico Lins Studio, Editora Três and Touché Propaganda.

# CV

# 2019

# Active Listening

August 26th to December 6th, Derdic (high school for deaf students), and TUCA (Catholic University Theater)

Classes for deaf young students, development of audiovisual instrument and sound design.

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# C A M P O

From 25 de maio, Festival Paidéia, SESC Interlagos, Pompéia, in São Paulo, SESC Ribeirão Preto, Villa Grimaldi in Santiago, Chile

Live music made by codes for the performance C A M P O.

C A M P O as an infinite garden, which can cross cities and enhance unique encounters and creative intensities.

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# 2018

# Maritaca Station

12 to 25 October, SESC Pompéia, São Paulo

On the occasion of the Maritaca Station event at SESC Pompéia in October 2018, I created two gadgets and gave a workshop where the children built a "musical toy". The idea behind the event, designed by the artist Mariana Piza, was to provide the children with experiences of a radio station.

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# Vital Territory

July 5, 2018, Tomie Ohtake Institute, Sao Paulo

Performance in which four people are connected to heart rate and breathing sensors. The data extracted from the sensors are transformed into parameters of digital synthesizers specially created for the performance with the use of SuperCollider (opens new window).

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# Band of Plants for Children

June 2, 2018, Sesc Sto Amaro, Sao Paulo

On the occasion of the Ideas and Actions for a New Time project, carried out by the Education for Sustainability area of Sesc São Paulo, I was invited to do the stripped-down version of Banda de Plantas adapted for children.
For four hours, the children and accompanying adults were able to experiment with influencing the sound by playing with the plants and also could ask questions and talk about what was happening there.

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# Automagic Box of Sensory Music

São Paulo, May 12, 2018

On Scratch Day at Escola da Vila School, I proposed something different from Scratch (opens new window), but related to art and technology: a box-shaped instrument, played with light and shadow, movement, vibration and buttons.

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# Algorave SP

São Paulo, March 17, 2018

On the 6th anniversary of Algorave (opens new window), AlgoSix was held in several cities around the world and also in São Paulo. Everything was broadcast and put together in a three-day event.

Production and promotion of the first Algorave in Brazil.

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# 2017

# Akademie der Künste - Kontakte - Biennial for Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art - workshop Share Control, Share Influence

The workshop was focused on the ‘possibilities offered by the programming language SuperCollider for network-based joint music performances’. Docent at the workshop, together with Alexandra Cárdenas, Fredrik Orlofson, Hannes Hoelzlt and Alberto de Campo. Preparation of a SuperCollider StandAlone version specially crafted for the event, for Linux and Windows users. Support and coaching for the participants.

Coexistence, a performance night from the S4NTP in Zilina. Series of short concerts from participants from S4NTP. Mine was Liebesbrunnen - Audiovisual Performance with the instrument from the same name.

# Deutschlandfunk Kultur - SAAVY Funk - Documenta

Multiverse Crosstalk Radio - Utopia Network Music Live-coding network music with the S4NTP.

# Elysium art festival - Novilla, Berlin

Code_Drumset. Collaboration in the performance of Isak Han “Metal Machine Music”, where he plays feedback sounds with a joystick, and I played live-coding the drums, using Tidal Cycles. Live-coding network music together with S4NTP at the opening event. About the event, from their website: From June until September 2017 participating artists, curators and scientists will turn moving poets NOVILLA into the genius loci of an "island of the blessed Gesamtkunstwerk". Utopians of steampunk, painters, sculptors, performers, musicians, sound and media artists meet scientists and manufacturers of the sustainable, futuristic, highly economical and biodegradable.

# 2016

# Fashion-show Unter - A collection of collections. From the Hochschule für Künste Bremen at Berlin Fashion Week

Composition using generative techniques in SuperCollider. Together with Lindsey, Byrke Lou (music direction) and Wolfgang Kick.

# The Society for Non Trivial Pursuits #110 @ Spektrum - Berlin

Curious Singing - Images from natural landscapes and human gestures compared as organic movements analysed with computer vision techniques. Music and video influence each other in a feedback system. Programmed in Processing/OpenFrameworks and SuperCollider using movies made by the group. Together with Lisa-Maria Steppacher, Christian Hoehn, Isak Han and Luca Lomonaco. Later development from the UdK - Art and Media - workshop in Sauen.

# 2015


Data coming from plants in Solar do Jambeiro, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro to the Room 111 in the UdK Medienhaus, in Berlin, used to generate music, and data going back to generate music there. In occasion of Hiper6. Event held from the NANO (Núcleo de Arte e Novos Organismos) from the UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro).
Were used SuperCollider, plants and Pure-Data, all communicating with each other through OSC.

# Live-drawing Performance FLOU! - Brazil

Soundtrack and sound-design, in collaboration with the artist Ieltxu Martinez Ortueta.
The sounds translate the drawings from the spatial dimension. The sounds breathe, claim and express - algorithmically - the way with which the drawings are formed. The music moves the body and the movement becomes drawing, or would it be the reverse? Drawing and paper have life of their own and express themselves through sound. To create is to give life to something that already exists?

# Performance Margem Abandonada - Berlin, Hildesheim

For the performance of the artist Mariana Senne. A set of field recordings from São Paulo and Berlin that were used as material for soundscapes developed using SuperCollider, with which I searched for the intersection between our internal soundscapes and the everyday-life ordinary familiar sounds. Presented at the Institute for Theater, Media and Popular Culture, University of Hildesheim.

# Moving Poets Festival – All That s Jazz, Novilla, Berlin

The Liebesbrunnen was presented in a short concert accompanied by a dancer in the Festival Moving Poets. REPUBLIC 111 - network music with S4NTP.

# Music Makers Hacklab - A Score for Uncertainty, ICAS Festival, Dresden

Hosted by the Interspecifics collective and Alberto de Campo, Score for Uncertainty was a seven day long collaborative laboratory focused on the creation of a sound composition from an unknown future using existing but novel instruments and sound catalogues. Participants collaborated in intensive mprovisational sessions aiming to analyse the way in which new devices could be involved in the creation of a futuristic soundscape. The result was presented as a live concert at the end of the ICAS Festival week in Dresden.

# Avanti Screening I - experimental short-films screening, at the Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, Berlin

Creation and construction of the audiovisual instrument and interactive sculpture Liebesbrunnen. presented at the event as an interactive sculpture. Following is the description I made for it just before building it.

The installation will be a cylinder with a lot of small objects including working LEDs and Piezo Discs. There's a webcam at one side that captures what happens inside when someone moves it. The image is processed with Processing to make layers based on delays, and therefore adding the temporal dimension as a meaningful input.

# Geist Kino - Site-specific installation Zauberspiegel - Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, Berlin

The event Geist Kino was presented in the program of the Vorspiel of the Transmediale Festival. The project has its origins in Brazil through the artist collective "Cine Fanstasma" and was accordingly, in the context of the upper seminar "Atlas of Mediendencies - Media Action in Berlin" by Prof. Dr. med. Siegfried Zielinski, adapted for Berlin. Zauberspiegel is a site-specific installation with which one could see through time and between dimensions of everyday reality and the realities of old movies, particularly of the German expressionism. Through the mirror the face image of who is in front of Zauberspiegel merges with the face of an iconic character from the movies of yore. So it creates a communication channel that work in both directions.

# 2013

# Fanzine Reklamiertes Kapital - Zinefest Berlin

The artist Lina Tegtemeyer proposed the production of a version of an independent publication to be exhibited at Zinefest Berlin. My version of the Fanzine Reklamiertes Kapital had poetry, pictures, photographs and stencils, both that I did and some of the participants of a workshop I gave in São Paulo in 2011. The covers were made with exclusive and unique stencils for every copy.

# 2012

# Animation for the film Nós Outros (We Others). Collaboration with Estudio Anemona - Brasília / São Paulo

As an honorary member of the Estudio Anemona I created a series of short animations for the film Nós Outros (We Others), conceived and directed by Marina Weis. The illustrations are from Valentina Fraiz.

“We Others” departs from Brazil for a trip throughout Latin America. It’s a film-essay, a subjective collage, where, adding to the words and images collected during the journey, are excerpts from films and records of political facts: remembrances of a latent past that comes back, restless, to challenge the present. Coming together, geographies, generations and experiences weave themselves into ways of inhabiting space, the collective body, intimacy and, above all, our time.

# 2011

# Stencil Workshop for people living in shelters - Coorpel. São Paulo

The workshop was held at the cooperative for waste recycling, Coorpel. It intended to broaden the expression ability of the participants, to encourage their creativity, increase their confidence, self-esteem and the capacity of comprehension of the world that surrounds them. While providing pleasant moments of teamwork and learning. The individualities could express themselves in favor of collective works by exchanging experiences and tasks. Thus the participants had the opportunity to learn from each other and notice that there are multiple paths and possibilities for expression or accomplishment of ideas.

# 1997-2011

I have worked since the late 1990s as a graphic designer, web-designer, webmaster, animator and art director, as a freelancer, and in design studios, magazines and agencies for communication, advertising and publicity. Among them are MTV Brasil, Rico Lins Studio, Editora Três and Touché Propaganda.

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