# We Others

As an honorary member of the Estudio Anemona (opens new window) I created in the year 2012 a series of short animations for the film Nós Outros (We Others), conceived and directed by Marina Weis. The illustrations are from Valentina Fraiz, the anemona enchanter.

From the Vimeo’s page with the teaser:

“We Others” departs from Brazil for a trip throughout Latin America. It’s a film-essay, a subjective collage, where, adding to the words and images collected during the journey, are excerpts from films and records of political facts: remembrances of a latent past that comes back, restless, to challenge the present. Coming together, geographies, generations and experiences weave themselves into ways of inhabiting space, the collective body, intimacy and, above all, our time.

In the beginning the aim of the animations was to clarify in which cities the action took place, and as final credits. Though every element in the animations correspond to a certain Latin American city, later the role of them changed to be online teasers and the credit’s animation was to explicit the cities where the scenes were shot.

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